BOS Coffee’s Mission

To fund the release of every orangutan back into the rainforest – one supporter, and one cup at a time.




About BOS Germany

BOS Germany is a non-profit nature and species protection organization that is dedicated to protecting the last orangutans and their habitat. The association was founded twenty years ago. Since then, other BOS organizations have sprung up all over the world. Over time, a small initiative has become a veritable NGO.

The BOS Foundation operates two rescue stations on Borneo (Samboja Lestari and Nyaru Menteng), in which around 400 rescued, confiscated, injured and orphaned orangutans have currently found refuge. An extensive rehabilitation program makes the peaceful primates fit for a life in freedom. In the centers they receive medical care, receive sufficient healthy food and are prepared for their independent life in the rainforest in the forest kindergarten, in the forest school and finally on the pre-game islands. The aim is to release them one day in our designated protected areas – combined with the hope that they will produce offspring and thus contribute to species conservation.

In September 2013, BOS Germany joined the„Transparente Zivilgesellschaft“ initiative.

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