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Eco shipping labels

This is what we use for our shipping labels.

  • Free of bisphenols (BPA)
  • Packaging Directive 94/62/EG (2004/12/EG)
  • POP-free (persistent organic pollutants) 2020/784/EU
  • TSCA (toxic substances control act)
  • FSC certified wood
  • BfR XIV, FDA 175.105
  • ISEGA – direct (dry, moist, non-fatty)
  • solvent-free
  • Rohs 2015/863
  • vegan
  • free of casein or animal glue
  • California Proposition 65
  • POP frei (persistent organic pollutants)

This is where we buy it.


  • FIXED: My Account Section in German. Dear Germans, I am SO SORRY it took me this long to find out it was broken.
  • NEW: Added Newsletter Sign-up to the footer
  • FIXED: URL Structure for English My Account
  • FIXED: Release Video on Home pages. Youtube was blocking. Added English and German video to our own server.

Astrid’s Release

Astrid lived with BOS for five years. The BOS Foundation found Astrid on a palm oil plantation in Central Kalimantan. At that time, she was nine years old. In Nyaru Menteng, she was first thoroughly examined by #veterinarians. Although Astrid is a wild orangutan, she appears very human and trusting. She always has an expression of mischievous curiosity on her face, and when something annoys her, she makes the kissing sounds typical of orangutans. We call these sounds kiss-squeakers (“kiss squeakers”).

Astrid looks a little different from other orangutans. The skin on her legs seems to be yellow, as does the hair on her face. Astrid has been in Nyaru Menteng for almost five years now. Therefore, she was in good health and one of the four lucky animals to leave Nyaru Menteng first.


  • ENHANCED: Updated email style. They use to suck. Now they suck less.
  • NEW: Card expiry email notifications in English & German
  • NEW: Subscription renewal email notifications in English & German. Let people know how to pause and change frequency.
  • ENHANCED: Combined the Payment & Order confirmation into one email. People were getting two.
  • ENHANCED: In the Payment & Order confirmation email I let people know we roast on Tueday and Friday. Let them know the next email will have the DHL tracking number.

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