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Eco shipping labels

This is what we use for our shipping labels.

  • Free of bisphenols (BPA)
  • Packaging Directive 94/62/EG (2004/12/EG)
  • POP-free (persistent organic pollutants) 2020/784/EU
  • TSCA (toxic substances control act)
  • FSC certified wood
  • BfR XIV, FDA 175.105
  • ISEGA – direct (dry, moist, non-fatty)
  • solvent-free
  • Rohs 2015/863
  • vegan
  • free of casein or animal glue
  • California Proposition 65
  • POP frei (persistent organic pollutants)

This is where we buy it.


  • FIXED: My Account Section in German. Dear Germans, I am SO SORRY it took me this long to find out it was broken.
  • NEW: Added Newsletter Sign-up to the footer
  • FIXED: URL Structure for English My Account
  • FIXED: Release Video on Home pages. Youtube was blocking. Added English and German video to our own server.


  • ENHANCED: Updated email style. They use to suck. Now they suck less.
  • NEW: Card expiry email notifications in English & German
  • NEW: Subscription renewal email notifications in English & German. Let people know how to pause and change frequency.
  • ENHANCED: Combined the Payment & Order confirmation into one email. People were getting two.
  • ENHANCED: In the Payment & Order confirmation email I let people know we roast on Tueday and Friday. Let them know the next email will have the DHL tracking number.


  • FIXED: 404 Error with /css/tarteaucitron.css – FYI it’s an issue with the DSGVO All in one for WP Plugin. Exclude from JavaScript Combination and Defer Render-blocking JS
  • NEW: Added Username in Header so supporter can get to thier dashboard faster and easier
  • NEW: Added Steps to check-out process
  • NEW: Alllow supporter to pause thier subscrption.
  • NEW: System with retry the payment method if it fails.
  • TWEAKED: Moved “Success message to the center”. Was getting blocked by the logo.
  • NEW: Added roasting and shipping reminder on orders. What to make sure people know we roast and ship twice a week.
  • FIXED: Removed Video icon showing up on Beni page.


  • FIXED: Links on English Coffee Menu
  • FIXED: English Coffee Menu link openning a new page with the block
  • FIXED: German Coffee Menu link openning a new page with the block
  • NEW: Created a blog for changelogs
  • CHANGED: Coffee images on German product pages
  • CHANGED: Coffee images on English product pages
  • CHANGED: Coffee images on German menu block
  • CHANGED: Coffee images on English menu block
  • FIXED: Facebook pixel
  • NEW: Facebook Shop
  • REPLACED:Deutsche Post with DHL so we can track orders.

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